Sunpark 120-3/32ISMPF Fluorescent 3xF32T8 Ballast

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Product Description:
The Sun Park 120-3/32ISMPF electronic ballast operates three (3) F32T8 lamps at 120 at 120V This ballast is great for areas that require normal lighting! Instant start ballast is typically used in offices, board rooms, and retail. Also operates F15T8,F18T6, and Fluorescent lamps.

Type: Electronic Fluorescent
Start Method: Instant Start
Lamps: three F32T8
Input Voltage: 120V

Crest Factor: 1.70
Sound Rated Class A
50% power factor
5 years warranty

Length: 9.50"
Height: 1.00"
Width: 1.30"
Mounting Height: 8.91"

UL & cUL Listed
Class P, Type 1 Outdoor
FCC Class B