Metrolight M250MHUSDD SmartHID 250W MH Dimming Ballast

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Product Description:
The ever dependable Metrolight 150LP Ballast, was constructed for laminating large area lighting fixtures! Outdoor technology is expanding rapidly and end users are looking for technologically advanced solutions that combine energy efficiency, CO2 reduction and flexible lighting controls.

Metrolight’s robust 150LP SmartHID™ Electronic Ballast delivers on all fronts, dramatically saving energy, decreasing your carbon footprint and reducing maintenance costs while performing effectively and consistently even in challenging outdoor environments, providing excellent lumen stability and extended lamp life. The 150LP SmartHID™ Electronic Ballasts provides the opportunity to participate in and enjoy the benefits of carbon reduction and energy saving programs and incentives offered by municipalities worldwide.

Features & Benefits:

Longer Life Span of Lamp
Greater efficiency and efficacy
Low component count, higher reliability

Patented ÌÕMicro-StartÌÒ technology
Color and Lumen Ouput Consistency
basically reduces (if not eliminates) wall darkening and electrodes of the lamp;
Longer Life Span of Lamp

Both Digital and Analog Dimming
Sensor triggering (daytime/nighttime, motion or traffic, etc).

Automatic scheduling
Automatic control of dimming, on/off function per lamp

Sodium lamp hot re-strike
Instant relighting after power cuts or turn-off

Remote installation
Ballast location and fixture can be separated (up to 15m/49.2ft as standard; above 15m/49.2ft and up to 25m/82ft upon request)

Control & Communication:
Can be integrated with existing control and communication systems
Based on proprietary and feature-rich MADL open protocol
Extends system’s energy saving capabilities
Provides advanced end-of-life alerts resulting in reduced maintenance costs
Plug and play platform
Smart Grid connection option
Enables tie in with demand response systems
Both Digital and Analog Dimming
Remote reconfiguration capabilities
Per requirement
Per lamp parameters (power rating, dimming settings, etc.)

Compact dimensions:
Enables elegant installations
Ability to integrate into smaller space