Metrolight M100SUSADLP Streetlight 100W HPS Dimming Ballast

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Product Description:
Looking for a ballast with super lumen power? Our Metrolight HPS Streetlight Electronic Ballast is a great solution for power modification for indoor and outdoor areas such as: commercial and industrial building or faculties, as well as, parking and street lighting.  Composed with standard tempered metal, this device is also suitable for wet and dry locations.

Our M100S-US-LP model operates any 100W high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamp and has lamp “Restrike” which is a feature that allows for instant restoration of power if cut off or turned off due to power failure. It also has a self-protection mechanism that allows for advanced surge at the end of a lamp’s life.

An optional dimmer system is available; this is great for the purpose of slowly powering down the HPS bulb. Due to the fact that it’s not recommended to power down this type of lamp quickly because of the risk of short circuiting, this a great option. Also, a light sensor will gradually turn on the light as the sunsets for the evening.

Lamp Type: High Pressure Sodium
Lamp Wattage: 100
Ballast Type: Electronic
Min. & Max Temp: -22°F -149°F / -30°C - 65°C
Voltage Input: Universal, Line 120-277V
Micro-Start controlled ignition preserves lamp life
Full range of dimming options available upon request

The M100S-US-LPis the ideal solution for commercial and/or industrial setting like, retail store, hotel balconies, or stadium lighting. It’s great for installation in cold and warm temperatures.

External Specifications:
Our incredible 100W HPS ballast comes in a grey metal case that includes easy installation suitable for mounting (with screws) into a lighting fixture. The metal case is necessary for protecting the inner circuitry from the possibility of overheating due to close lamp proximity.

The product’s label includes wattage and voltage requirements, in addition to the manufacturing date and compliance stamps. The lead wires located on the side of device are suitable for universal (120-277V) line voltages.

Electrical Specifications:
This low profile 100W ballast contains an internal fuse that protects event of short circuit for indoors. If using outdoors, there is an option for a Surge Protection Adapter, which is available upon request.

Width: 3.31”
Height: 1.65”
Depth: 7.55"

UL Listed for USA and Canada
FCC Title 47 Part 18 C for non-consumer advocacy (EN61347
UL 935 for Outdoor Type 1
ANSI C62.41 (Cat A & C) for indoor & outdoor surge protection

If you’re not sure whether or not this ballast is the right one for your fluorescent lighting fixture, contact a member of our expert staff immediately!