Metrolight M100MHSUUSCADNC CompactHID 100W MH/HPS Dimming Ballast

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Product Description:
Light up your life with the universal, versatile and compact 100-watt electronic HID ballast from Metrolights popular CompactHID series. The  M100MHS-U-US-C-AD-NC works with any 100W metal halide (MH) or high pressure sodium (HPS) bulb and meets several ANSI lamp codes including M90, M91, M92 and C90. The American National Standards institute sets these universal codes which cross nearly all credible bulb manufacturers. This also makes finding the right ballast a little bit easier.

The best thing about this compact HID ballast is that you can order an optional analog dimming system that saves your building additional energy costs. It's also ideal for outdoor parking lots where the HID lights are set on a daylight sensor. Since powering down a gas discharge lamp too quickly can shorten bulb life, the dimmer will gradually bring down the lamps intensity in almost perfect sync with the sunrise.  

Lamp Type: High Pressure Sodium OR Metal Halide
Lamp Wattage: 100
Ballast Type: Electronic
Min. & Max Temp: -13° to 185° F
Universal 120-277vAC line voltage
50/60Hz cycles
Contained metal case with mounting feet weighs only 1lb!
Micro-Start controlled ignition preserves lamp life
Optional Full range of dimming upon request. Contact

The M100MHS-U-US-C-AD-NC is the perfect recessed all-in one HID solution for one room retail outlets, hotel mezzanines, recessed can lights and small showcases. Its solid state design saves bundles of cash compared to outdated magnetic ballasts. If you are in the European Union or parts of Canada, you may require an external Dedicated Line Adapter, if installed within the fixture.

External Specifications:
Our amazing 100W MH/HPS ballast has a grey metal case that includes open toed feet suitable for screwing into a fixture or structural beam. The metal case protects the solid state circuitry from overheating due to close lamp proximity.

A label on the case includes voltage and wattage requirements as well as compliance stamps and the manufacturing date. Several lead wires on the side of the housing are suitable for 120 through 277vAC line voltages.

Electrical Specifications:
This low profile 100W ballast contains an internal fuse which protects the ballast in the event of short circuit (if installing out of doors, request the optional Surge Protection Adapter). If  the transformer is connected by a daylight sensor, the optional continuous full range analog dimmer will bring the HPS or MH lamp to a suitable intensity in 15 seconds at sunset, with an energy saving 10-minute fade down for sunrise.

Width: 4.7”
Height: 0.7”
Depth: 3"

UL Listed for USA and Canada
FCC Title 47 Part 18 C for non-consumer advocacy (EN61347
UL 935 for Outdoor Type 1
ANSI C62.41 (Cat A & C) for indoor & outdoor surge protection

Outdoor Surge Protection Adapter - protects the ballast from lightning strikes and surges outside.
Continuous Full Range Dimmer - required for occupancy sensors and also adds an additional energy savings.
European Line Adapter - required for fixture installations in most European nations.