Keystone KTEB-2110-UV-TP-PIC 2xF96T12HO Ballast - HPF

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Product Description:
The Keystone KTEB-2110-UV-TP-PIC Electronic Fluorescent T12 Ballast has two (2) F96T12/HO lamps at 120 at 120V Ideal for use in normal light areas, this F96T12/HO Rapid Start ballast is typically used in offices, board rooms, and retail. Also operates with F72T12/HO,F60T12/HO and F48T12/HO 60W lamps.

Type: T12HO Electronic Fluorescent
Start Method: Rapid Start
Parallel Lamp Connection Series
Lamp:Two F96T12/HO, F72T12/HO,F60T12/HO
Input Voltage: 120-277 vAC

Min/Max Temp: 0° F to 75° C
Sound Rated Class A  
Incredibly efficient 96% power factor
3 year warranty

Width: 2.15"
Height: 1.61"
Lenght: 11.77"
Mounting Height: 10.82"

Meets FCC Part 18 (Class A) Non-Consumer Limits
Lamp end-of-life protected
FCC Part 18 Class A (Non-consumer)
Transient Protection Meets ANSI/IEEEC62.41 Cat. A