Howard 2xF96T12HO E2/110RS-120 Slimline Fluorescent Ballast

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Do you run an independent hotel or motel with a couple inoperable T12 fluorescents? Already tried to replace the bulbs only to find they still don't work? Then it's high time you get the T12 high output rapid start ballast from Howard Lighting. The E2/110RS-120 will provide one or two T12HO lamps between 60 and 110 watts with the inrush current they need to light up your patio areas and walkways.

The primary lamp design of this electronic fluorescent ballast are 4-foot F96T12HO and energy saving lamps. The E2/110RS-120 will work with bulbs from major brands like Philips, GE and Sylvania. It is potted with a layer of sand between the inner case and the electronics that helps to dissipate heat and dampen sound, so your residents can get a good nights rest. This unit will only work with a 120 volt line input which is perfect for most apartments and motels. It is equipped with Category A transient protection cutoff circuits in compliance with ANSI Standards C62.41. Its amazing 99% ballast factor makes this potted ballast perfect for new construction projects.


  • Min/Max Temp: -20° to 185° F
  • Sound rated Class A housing
  • Incredibly efficient 99% power factor
  • Slim profile for narrow ballast channels


  • Type: Electronic Fluorescent
  • Start Method: Rapid Start
  • Parallel Lamp Connection Series
  • Lamp: one or two F48T12HO, F72T12HO or F96T12HO tubes
  • Input Voltage: 120vAC


  • Width: 9.5"
  • Height: 1.6"
  • Depth: 2.3"
  • Mounting Height: 9"


    • UL Listed Class P, Outdoor Type 1
    • Circle E - BEF exceeds DOE and FTC requirements
    • FCC Part 18 (Class A) non-consumer limits
    • ANSI C63.41 Cat. A - Indoor Transient Protection


      The manufacturer warrants to the purchaser that its electronic fluorescent ballasts will be free from defects in material and workmanship as conditioned herring for a period of 5-Years from the date of manufacture stamped on the ballast.