EXIT Sign, Centurion100, Wall Mount, Black/ Green/ Red

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The Centurion 100 Series Photoluminescent exit sign is construction out of injection molded ABS for ultimate durability. Ideal for high location and floor proximity use. Easy self adhesive directional chevrons included. UL 924 Listed for wet location and four extemal charging light sources: unfiltered fluorescent, metal-halide, LED, and mercury vapor. UL listed for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Dimensions: 9.5" H, 17.25" W, 13/64" Thickness
  • Letter Size: 1" Stroke with 8" Height
  • Letter Color: Photoluminescent
  • Background: Black, Green or Red
  • Construction: injection molded ABS
  • Directional: Two Self adhesive photoluminescent directional chevrons included for field application.
  • Viewing Distance: 100 Feet - Sign will remain visible and legible in total darkness to observers standing 100 feet away from the sign for at least 90 minutes after all light has been extinguished.
  • Life Expectancy: 25+ years
  • Applications: High location, floor proximity, we location, indoor/ outdoor use.
  • Installation: Install Photoluminescent exit signs only in locations where an external Illumination Source is present, is deemed reliable, and is supplied by a circuit not controlled by autometic timers or sensors, and where controls are accessible only to authorized personnel. Minimum of 5 foot - candle (54 lux) external Illumination of unfiltered metal halide, fluorescent, mercury vapor or LED Charging light sources required on sign face at all times of building occupancy.
  • Charging Time: Initial Charging Time is 60 minutes.
  • Sign Substrate: Injection molded ABS
  • Features: Non electrical, non radioactive, explosion proof, UV stable, durable, minimal Installation and maintenance expense, Photoluminescent cast 3D raised lettering.
  • Approvals: UL 924 listed, Meets NFPA 101 Life safety code, JCAHO & OSHA, ICC - IBC, ICBO - UBC, BOCA - NBC,SBCCI - SBC, NFPA 101, 5000, 1/UFC, CA Bldg. Code, and ASTM 2072
  • Warranty: 15 year limited Warranty to the original customer against defects in Workmanship and materials.