Bodine LP600STU Emergency Ballast 600-1325 Lumens - T5/T8

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Product Description:
Want to turn your stores pendant lights or recessed troffers into emergency lighting hybrid fixtures? Do you also want to stay one step ahead of your city's building and fire department inspectors? The answer to both your queries is solved with the low profile self testing 1 bulb emergency fluorescent ballast from the lighting experts at Philips Bodine.

The LP600STU uses a patented microprocessor that monitors the voltage current at all times and actually performs routine maintenance so you don't have to. Since Canadian and US authorities require a monthly and yearly test of all emergency lighting units at regular intervals, the microprocessor ensures your business will remain compliant at all times.

Ballast Type: Emergency
Lamp Wattage: 14-55W
Input Wattage: 5W
Universal 120-277vAC, 60Hz cycles
Operates: One linear T5, T12  or long compact fluorescent lamp
Lumens (at 10-feet): 600-1325 lm
Self diagnostic takes care of monthly and periodic UL testing
Min/Max Temp: 32° to 122°F
Includes LED charging indicator
5-year full warranty

This reduced profile emergency ballast features a REDiTEST microprocessor which automatically tests the internal battery readiness. It will schedule and perform 30-second tests every 30 days and a full 90-minute test once yearly. It is ideal for lighting units that will not accept standard battery pack sizes including cove, architectural, surface-mount and NSF vapor proof fixtures.

External Specifications:
The LP600STU has a long, skinny profile and has an unfinished metal case that keeps moisture away from the circuitry. Mounting feet on both ends allow for installation in tight spaces or ballast channels. Input and output lead wires protrude from a single end of the ballast.

Electrical Specifications:
Lamp wattage: 14-55W
Input wattage: 5W
Input current: 55mA
Universal 120-277vAC, 60 Hz
Initial illumination: 600-1325 (depending on lamp)
Battery: Maintenance-free nickel cadmium. 7-10 year lifespan
Emergency runtime: +90 minutes
Recharge time: 24 hours or less
Charging current: 150mA
REDiTEST continuous self-diagnostic microprocessor
LED diagnostic switch for redundant manual testing

Width: 22.5"
Depth: 1.18"
Height: 1.18"
Mounting center: 22.1"

Tested to UL924 standards for Emergency Lighting & Power Equipment
CSA C22.2 No. 141 certified
NEC Installation standards
Meets NFPA: 101 Life Safety Code, excerpt 5-9.3 periodic testing standards
National Fire Code
National Building Code