Bodine LP600 Emergency Ballast 600-1325 Lumens - T5HO/T8HO

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Product Description:
Don't worry about having the proper illumination levels when your building experiences a power failure. Presenting the finest solution for emergency lighting, the Philips Bodine LP600 low-profile emergency ballast. In blackout situations, the Philips Bodine LP600 low-profile emergency ballast will activate in seconds, operating one lamp at a slightly reduced output for a minimum backup time of 90 minutes.

When AC power comes back, the Philips Bodine LP600 low-profile emergency ballast is placed in charging mode. This emergency ballast has an slight time dealy of 3 seconds to stop prevent voltage tripping and extends the life of ballast.

High-lux level
Low-profile emergency ballast for tighter ballast channels
High power output up - to 44 Watts
End of lamp life protection
Backup emergency time 90 minutes
Full Warranty: 5 Years (NOT pro-rata)
Dual Input Voltage: 120/277 VAC, 60 Hz
Test Switch: Single Pole
Recharge Time: 24 Hour

The Philips Bodine LP600 low-profile emergency ballast does not change normal fixture function and may be used with either a switched or un-switched circuit. If a switched fixture is used, an un-switched live wire must be connected to the emergency ballast. The emergency ballast can be fed from the same AC electrical circuit branch.

External Specifications:
This fluorescent lamp emergency ballast has an unfinished cast aluminum case that weighs in at less than 3.3 lbs. It has a compact profile with two mounting feet on either end which fits most standard 2 or 4 foot luminaries. The ballast also includes an LED-charging indicator that can be installed to the body of the fixture for continuous monitoring of the battery, per UL guidelines.

Electrical Specifications:
Recharge Time: 24 Hours
Dual Operating Voltages: 120/277 VAC,
Frequency 60 Hz
AC Operating Current: 180 mA
Maintenance free Ni-Cd battery, battery charger and electronic circuit
AC Operating Power Rating: 3 Watts
Operates 1 fluorescent lamp between 600 and 1325 Lumens, depending on the wattage

Width: 21.5”
Depth: 1.18”
Height: 1.18”

UL 924 Listed
NFPA 101