Bodine eAK39 e-Arc Keeper 20-39W MH Backup Ballast

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Product Description:
Your billboard company is starting to lose business with Hollywood clients who want their movie promotions well-illuminated at night. The metal halide up-lights on your signs are starting to flicker, creating an ugly yellow glow on the lead actress' teeth. The good news is your up-lights are fine, just get the 39-watt e-ARC Keeper HID emergency ballast from Philips Bodine.

This eAK39  uses a nickel-cadmium battery to support your metal halide bulb during intermittent fluctuations in the line voltage. Since the electronic arc (which generates the MH bulbs powerful glow) will go dead within a second after a power loss, the e-Arc Keeper keeps the fire going. Now the lead actress in your client's upcoming film won't look like she has rotting teeth!

Ballast Type: Emergency
Lamp Wattage: 20W-39W
Power Output: 45W
Select dedicated 120V or 277V  at 60Hz
Operates: One 20-39W metal halide lamp
Maintains HID arc for 30-seconds
Includes emergency light push-to-test switch plate
UL 924 listed
Min/Max Temp: 32° to 131°F
5-year full warranty

The e-AK arc keeper continues the electrical flow to the lamp, giving your emergency backup generator time to come online and warm up. This "intelligent" ballast will regulate itself and switch to DC mode automatically using an inverter component. A test/monitor wall switch is included so you can test the Ark Keepers readiness at any time without a ladder.

Make sure to select the proper voltage (120 or 277v) at checkout or when calling our support team.

External Specifications:
This arc maintenance battery pack has mounting feet on each end for simple attachment inside the metal halide fixture or remote transformer box. Its thin F-Can design will fit in most track lights and HID down lights, and the steel casing is finished with an white powder coat which prevents corrosion.

Electrical Specifications:
Lamp wattage: 20-39W
Output wattage: 45W
Battery charging current: 100 mA
Single-tap 120 or 277vAC, 60 Hz
Emergency runtime: 30 seconds
High frequency DC inverter for generator or central battery connection
Recharge time: 24 hours
High temperature 12V 1.5 Ah nickel-cadmium (ni-cd) battery
Voltage monitoring circuits

Width: 16.49"
Depth: 3"
Height: 3"

UL Listed
Canadian Standards (CSA) C22.2 No. 141
UL924 Listed for Emergency Lighting & Power Equipment