Bodine BHD65U Emergency Ballast 300-700 Lumens - Haz Loc

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Product Description:
Our BHD65U model provides emergency power to fluorescent hazardous location lighting fixtures. In the event that the electricity in your building or facility fails, this ballast will automatically switch to the emergency mode. The emergency runtime for the device is about 90 minutes and once power is restored the ballast begins to recharge on its own.

Universal Input Voltage: 120-277V
Recharge Time: 24 Hour
Operating temperature: 32° to 122°F
Metal Construction
Lumen Output: 300-700
Operates: 1-2 florescent lamps
Emergency Runtime: 90 minutes

While the BHD65 has no effect on normal operation, it should be wired to any effect on the normal fixture operation, it's fed from the same branch as the AC Ballast. It can mounted either on top on the interior of the lighting unit and is capable of operating one or two fluorescent lamp(s). Suitable to be installed with fixtures in areas such as: Class I, Division II, indoor, damp locations and wet locations.

External Specifications:
This emergency ballast consists of a charger and electronic circuitry contained in one red metal case and a maintenance-free nickel-cadmium (NiCad) battery, Along with a solid-state charging indicator light, which is used to monitor the charger and battery, it also comes with a double-pole test switch and installation hardware.

Electrical Specifications:
Depending on the number and type of lamp(s) used, this ballast produces an initial lumen output between 300-700. Also, the input voltage is universal 120-277V and AC current of 75mA.

Width: 2.6
Length: 9.4
Mounting: 8.9

Underwriters Laboratories for installation (U.L. Listed
UL 94 (Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment)
Life Safety Code (NFPA&LSC)
National Electrical Code (NEC)
U.L. 90-minute requirements