Bodine BDL500 Emergency Ballast 1450 Lumens - Damp Location

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Product Description:
After a busy and tiring day, you’re ready to close shop and suddenly the rain storm outside has lead to your facility’s electricity going out The issue is that although the day is coming to an end, you still have to prepared for tomorrow. Unfortunately, now your work will have to conclude in the dark.  If you had our Bodine brand ballast, you could conclude your day under emergency power.

The BDL 500 model is an emergency lighting ballast that switches from regular operation to provide illumination for up to two lamps with high illumination and low energy consumption. It supplies your building’s CFL and fluorescent lamps (wattage ranging from 17-215) with up to 90 minutes of back up time giving you the time to complete your important job.

Made in standard tempered metal with red color, this Bodine model device is good for use indoors and outdoors.

Damp Location Rated
Lamp Operation: CFL (quad pin), T8-T12 Lamps
Initial Lumen Output: 1400
Emergency Backup Time: 90 minutes
Primary Light Output: 600 - 700 Lumens
Dual operating Voltage: 120/277V
AC operating Power Rating: 3.5 Watts
Number of Lamps: 1 or 2


The BDL500 can be installed on top, inside of, or remotely to a CFL fixture with a conduit (included). Remote installation is recommended at a maximum of 6 feet in distance from lamp. For simple visual check up of the charging indicator light and for easy testing, the test/monitor plate can be installed near the fixture.

External Specifications:
This emergency ballast can be used either with switched or unswitched mode of fixture. If a switched fixture is used, an unswitched live wire must be connected to the emergency ballast for feeding the emergency ballast through AC circuit. The B4CFG Emergency Ballast can be installed inside or on top of the fixture.

Electrical Specifications:
With a capacity dual voltage of 120/277, this ballast works with electrical current as low as 300 mA with power consumption of just 4 Watts. It also includes of high-temperature, maintenance-free nickel-cadmium battery, charger and electronic circuitry for emergency operation.

Exceeds emergency standards of NEC
UL Listed
CSA Certified

Length: 13.3
Width: 2.4”
Height: 1.5”
Weight: 3.4 lbs