Bodine B60LP Emergency Ballast 350-700 Lumens - 1-2 Lamp

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Product Description:
Your residents enjoy their time in and around your town home community. Each unit has their own patio/balcony, the recreation center has state of the art workout equipment, the swimming pool is always enticing, oh and that sauna! At night, you'd like to keep encourage your residents to also enjoy one another's company and to do this, the outdoor walkways and indoor hallways needs to remain as luminated as possible.

Furthermore, if there's a complex-wide power outage, your neighbors want to know that they can rely on well lit areas for their safety. Our Bodine brand electronic ballast are the ideal precautionary solution for your town home community.

The B60LP model will provide temporary power to your indoor and and outdoor lighting by immediately activating once normal power fails. Produced in standard metal casing, this device ls very low profile that it won't take any attention away from those beautiful area lights. It operates Compact Fluorescent (4 or quad-pin) and linear fluorescent (T8, T9, T10, T12) lamps.

Operates CFL (single or bi-pin) anf Linear Fluorescent (T8-T12)
End-of-lamp-life compatible
Emergency Backup Power up to 90 minutes
Initial Output: 350 - 700 Lumens
Dual Voltage (120/277V)
AC Input Current: 200 mA
AC Input Power Rating: 3.5 Watts
0°C to +50°C Operating Temperture (32°F to 122°F)
24-hour Recharge Time

The B60LP will not affect normal lamp operation but in the case of an emergency, it will provide up to 90 minutes of light for your indoor or outdoor facility. It includes a maintenance-free NiCad battery, a charger with test switch (LED light indicator), and electrical circuit board. This ballast is also great for mounting within sealed and gasketed fixtures.

External Specifications:
This compact sized ballast only weights 2.25 lbs and features a vertical and horizontal mounting center. There is also a test switch that features a LED indicator light to signal if charged.

Electrical Specifications:
It is UL Component compliant for factory installation while having an initial lumen output in the range of 350-700. The device’s voltage capacity is universal 120/277V with AC wattage input of 3.5.

Weight: 2.1 lbs (0.95 kg)
Length: 18.5"
Width: 1.18"
Height: 1.00"