Bodine B60 Emergency Ballast 600-700 Lumens - Damp Locations

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Product Description:
Hazardous locations require a tremendous amount of care and vigilance. Imagine the possibilities of what could happen if power were to fail. One solution for this potential emergency lighting in case of a power outage in damp area is our Philips Bodine B60 emergency ballast.

During a blackout, the Philips Bodine B60 emergency ballast can quickly switch to emergency mode, while operating one or two lamps at a reduced lumen output at a minimum backup time of 90 minutes. Once AC power is restored, it returns to its initial charging state.

This emergency ballast operates one or two (2’-4’) T8, T10 or T12 lamps, one 17 - 215 W (2’-8’) tubular lamp or one (4-pin) long compact lamp at reduced illumination. It also comes with an on delay timer of 3 seconds, which helps for the avoidance of any electrical trips.

Ideal for damp locations
Operation of two lamps at a time
Compatible with end of lamp life
Backup emergency time without any interruption is 90 minutes
Primary Light Output: 600 - 700 Lumens
Full Warranty: 3 Years (NOT pro-rata)
Dual operating Voltage: 120/277 VAC
Frequency = 60 Hz
AC operating Current: 280 mA
AC operating Power Rating: 3.5 Watts
Test Switch: Single Pole
Recharge Time: 24 Hour

The B60 may be fixed inside, on top of or remotely from the fluorescent fixture. Recommended remote distance of AC ballast is up to 50 feet from the lamp. Fixation is not suggested with fixtures where the ambient temperature may fall below 0°C. The B60 does not change normal fixture function and may be used with either a switched or unswitched fixture. If a switched fixture is used, an unswitched live wire must be connected to the emergency ballast. It will be fed from the same AC ballast electrical circuit.

External Specifications:
This fluorescent lamp emergency ballast has an unfinished cast red aluminum case that weighs in at less than 2.5 lbs. It has a compact profile with two mounting feet on each  end that fits most standard 2 or 4-foot luminaries. The ballast also comprises of an LED-charging indicator that can be installed to the body of the fixture for continuous monitoring of battery, per UL guidelines.

Electrical Specification:
Recharge Time: 24 Hours
Dual Operating Voltages: 120/277 VAC, frequency 60 Hz
AC Operating Current: 280 mA
For emergency backup, these ballasts contain a metal enclosure containing high temperature maintenance free Ni-Cd (Nikal cadmium) battery, battery charger and electronic circuit
AC Operating Power Rating: 3.5 Watts
Operates 1 or 2 fluorescent lamp(s) depend upon wattage at 600-700 lumens. Its backup time is 90 minutes in emergency mode.

Length: 9.4”
Width: 2.4”
Height: 1.5”

UL 924 Listed
NFPA 101