Bodine B54 Emergency Ballast 225-450 Lumens - Four Hours

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Product Description:
Your high-rise office has the best view of the downtown area, and you can see for miles and miles. But what you don't have is enough emergency lighting to allow building occupants a safe egress during a blackout.  Rather than buy expensive 4-hour emergency luminaires, get our extended runtime 1 bulb emergency ballast from Philips Bodine.

The B54 features solid-state switching circuitry and end-of-life lamp life protection that extends your lamps life. But the main selling point is its high-capacity nickel cadmium battery cells which will power a single T8, T12 or CFL downlight for up to 4 hours! This extended runtime far exceeds the UL-required 90-minute runtime and is ideal for skyscrapers where occupants take longer to reach safety.

Ballast Type: Emergency
Lamp Wattage: 32-40W
Input Wattage: 4W
Dual 120/277V line voltage input, 60Hz cycles
Operates: One FO32T8, F40T12, F39BX, or PLL40W lamp
Lumens (at 10-feet): 225-450 lm
UL 924 listed
Min/Max Temp: 32° to 131°F
5-year full warranty

The B54 will produce between 225 to 450Lm of egress pathway illumination for most 32-40 watt T8 or T12 linear fluorescents as well as long compact fluorescent bulbs. It will wire up to either a 120 or 277-volts AC circuit found in just about every office building or high-rise apartment complex in the country.

External Specifications:
This emergency lighting battery pack has a 22-gauge steel housing that is factory-coated with a corrosion-resistant red enamel. The B54 is not intended for damp locations or HVAC conduits, and is primarily an indoor-rated unit. The case does not contain or produce PCBs or lead so it is fully recyclable and earth-friendly.

Electrical Specifications:
Lamp wattage: 32-40W
Input wattage: 4W
Input current: 280 mA
Dual-tap 120 or 277vAC, 60 Hz
Initial illumination: 225-450 (depending on lamp)
Emergency runtime: 4 hours
Recharge time: 24 hours
Includes LED charging indicator and test switch

Width: 13.3"
Depth: 2.4"
Height: 1.5"
Mounting center: 12.8"

Tested to UL924 standards for Emergency Lighting & Power Equipment
NFPA 101: Life Safety Code
NEC Installation standards
National Fire Code
National Building Code