Bodine B50LP Emergency Ballast 750-1300 Lumens - Low Profile

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Product Description:
Your electrical contracting business has been given the go-ahead to install emergency backup battery ballasts in your clients office park. These will go into various T8, T12 and 4-pin compact fluorescent fixtures throughout building, supplying a lighted pathway during power failures. The problem is that typical emergency ballasts are too big for the fixtures and ceiling spaces. Luckily this issue is quickly solved with the low profile 2 bulb fluorescent emergency ballast.

Bodines B50LP is designed to fit into narrow ballast channels as well as tight ceiling recesses. The poke-in wiring cable protrudes from one end and can easily hook up to a slim AC ballast within the luminaire. It will maintain up to two linear T8, T10 or T12 fluorescent bulbs as well as long compact fluorescents.

Ballast Type: Emergency
Wattage: 17-215W
Dual Input 120-277vAC at 60Hz cycles
Operates: One or two T8, T9, T10, T12 linear fluorescents or long compact (4-pin) lamps
Lumens (at 10-feet): 750-1300 lm
UL 924 listed emergency device
Min/Max Temp: 32° to 122°F
Ideal for low ceilings and narrow ballast channels
Includes Nickel Cadmium battery with 24 hour recharge time
Integral push-to-test switch and LED battery indicator
5-year full warranty

This 17-215 watt reduced profile fluorescent ballast is the choice battery pack for installation within a linear fluorescent  ballast channel. When the B50LP senses a loss in AC power the unit will delay operation for 5 seconds before switching to battery mode. It will keep one or two linear or compact tubes lit up for the UL required 90 minute minimum.

External Specifications:
The B50LP fluorescent emergency ballast has a heavy-gauge steel housing with a bright red protective enamel finish. The kit includes an LED charging indicator, which affixes to the outside of the connected fixture. This diagnostic switch allows you to test the battery readiness at-will.

Electrical Specifications:
Input power rating: 4W
Initial lumen output: 750-1300 Lm
Dual voltage: 120 or 277vAC
AC Input current: 200 mA
Includes maintenance-free Ni-Cd battery
90-minute minimum emergency runtime
Battery recharge time : 24 hours
Battery current: 180 mA
Auto-transfer circuit with digital charger
High-frequency inverter
End-of-lamp-life shutdown circuitry
Single pole test switch and charging indicator included

Width: 21.5”
Height: 1.18”
Depth: 1.18”

UL 924 Listed
NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
NFPA 70 National Electrical Code