Bodine B4CF3 Cold-Pak Emergency Ballast 1250 Lumens - 1 Lamp

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Product Description:
The lighting in your open ended bike shop has been rather dependable for some time, why not maintain it? The business is thriving and customers are strolling in early in the morning and late evening. But wait, imagine the possibility of a power failure in your building which would leave everyone in the dark... Exactly! You would like to avoid that.

Our Bodine brand electronic ballast would go along way to prevent a prolonged suspension of business operation, because of its ability to supply your bulbs with emergency power.

The B4CF3 Cold-Pak model operates twin, quad, triple twin, quadruple, twin tube compact, long compact, and T5 circuline lamps between the wattage range of 13-42. If normal power were to fail, this ballast immediately switches on and is electrified by a sealed nickel cadmium battery. Once regular power is restored, the battery will begin the process of recharging, which takes up to 24 hours.

Operates: One (1) Linear Compact Fluorescent Lamp
Backup time: 90 minutes
Primary Light Output: Up to 1250
Dual Operating Voltages: 120/277V
AC Operating Power Rating: 16 Watts
Single Pole Test Switch
24 Hour Battery Recharge Time
Extended Temperature

The B4CF3 Cold-Pak can be installed on top, inside of, or remotely to a fluroescent or compact fluorescent fixture. Remote installation is recommended at a maximum of 6 feet in distance from lamp. For simple visual check up of the charging indicator light and for easy testing, the test/monitor plate can be installed near the fixture.

External Specifications:
It can be used either with switched or unswitched mode of fixture. If a switched fixture is used, an unswitched live wire must be connected to the emergency ballast for feeding the emergency ballast through AC circuit. The B4CF3 Cold-Pak can be installed inside or on top of the fixture.

Electrical Specifications:
Input power for the B4CF3 Cold-Pak ballast is 16 watt during operation( only 4 watts when idle) with a battery capacity is 19.2 Watt-hour, which meets emergency standards set out by the National Electrical Code (NEC). This emergency ballast also has delay timer of 3 seconds to prevent the device from false tipping due to a lack of voltage. It can operate more than one (1) compact fluorescent lamp depending upon the wattage at 1250 lumens. Its backup time is 90 minutes in emergency mode and the battery recharging time is only 24 hours.

UL Listed
National Electrical Code (NEC)
Life Safety Code (NFPA-LSC)
UL 924