Bodine B4CF2PC Emergency Ballast 925 Lumens - Flex Conduit

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Product Description:
Are you worried about getting left in the dark at your hazardous location or factory? Your hunt is over over with the B4CF2PC from Philips Bodine. It is the top solution for emergency contingency during prolonged blackouts. This cold location emergency ballast will keep one lamp illuminated and flicker-free for 90 minutes.

The B4CF2PC can be installed directly to the fixture or remotely from up to 6 feet away. A charging indicator light tells you the status of the battery and a push-to-test switch allows for quick, easy testing.

Specification grade ballast
One-or two-lamp parallel operation
Emergency illumination: 90 minutes
Initial Light Output: 925 lumens
Dual Input Voltage: 120/277 VAC, 60 Hz
Wattage: 4
Includes single pole test switch and LED indicator light
5-Year factory warranty
Recharge Time: 36 Hours

The B4CF2P can be used either with switched or unswitched branch circuits. For switched applications, a live wire must be connected from the unit to the AC grid. The B4CF2PC Cold-Pak can be installed on top of, or away from, the luminaire and includes a 6 foot bendable conduit.

External Specification:
This fluorescent lamp emergency ballast has an unfinished cast aluminum case that weighs in at less than 3.6 lbs. It has a compact profile with two mounting feet on either end that fits most standard 2 or 4 foot luminaries. The ballast also comprises of an LED-charging indicator that can be installed to the body of the fixture for continuous monitoring of the battery, per UL emergency lighting codes.

Electrical Specifications:
90 minute emergency operation, 36-hour recharge time
Dual voltage inputs: 120/277 VAC,
60 Hz frequency
AC Operating Current: 330 mA
High temperature  Ni-Cd (nickel cadmium) battery
AC Input Operating Power Rating: 4 Watts
Operates 1 or 2 fluorescent lamp(s) at 925 lumens

Width :9.9”
Depth : 2.6”
Height: 1.5”

UL 924 Listed
NFPA 101