Bodine B30 Emergency Ballast 1450-3500 Lumens - 1-2 Lamps

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Product Description:
Power failures getting you down? Don't want to buy a bunch of emergency lights to keep your office building compliant with local building and fire codes? Turn those AC-only CFL, T5, T8 or T12 luminaires into emergency backup units with the battery powered B30 emergency ballast from Philips Bodine.

Bodines R&D specialists have employed the latest solid-state technology into a shiny red case. The B30 features end-of-life lamp protection to prevent your bulbs from burning out prematurely during brief power drops that occur in your building. Also included is flexible wiring conduits that allow for remote installation up to 2-feet away from the lighting fixture.

Ballast Type: Emergency
Lamp Wattage: 17-215W
Input Wattage: 7W
Dual 120/277V line voltage input, 60Hz cycles
Operates: One or two T5, T8, T10 or T12 linear fluorescent; long compact, twin, triple, quad or 2D CFLs
Lumens (at 10-feet):1450-3500 lm
UL 924 listed
Min/Max Temp: 41° to 122°F
Includes LED charging indicator
5-year full warranty

If you've got a high-vaulted ceiling or large mezzanine, the B30 is going to be your best friend. It will produce between 1450 and 3000Lm of initial luminosity with most T5, T8 and T12 linear fluorescents. Compact fluorescents with wattages at or above 32W are expected to deliver 3000 to 3500Lm.

External Specifications:
This fluorescent emergency battery pack comes in a shiny red metal case that encloses the circuitry and protects from moderate dust and moisture contamination. The B30 should not be used in explosive or hazardous environments. It includes open toed and closed-toed mounting feet for grounding to the fixture. 2-feet of flexible wiring conduit is supplied for added protection.

Electrical Specifications:
Lamp wattage: 17-215W
Input wattage: 7W
Input current: 280mA
Dual-tap 120 or 277vAC, 60 Hz
Initial illumination: 1450-3500 (depending on lamp)
Battery: Hi temp nickel cadmium. 7-10 year lifespan
Emergency runtime: +90 minutes
Recharge time: 24 hours or less
Includes 2-foot flexible conduit
Includes illuminated LED test switch for UL diagnostics

Width: 16.3"
Depth: 5.5"
Height: 1.7"
Mounting center: 15.7"

Tested to UL924 standards for Emergency Lighting & Power Equipment
CSA C22.2 No. 141 certified
NEC Installation standards
Meets NFPA: 101 Life Safety Code, excerpt 5-9.3 periodic testing standards
National Fire Code
National Building Code