Beghelli LUCE-6 Emergency 2-Pin Quad CFL Ballast 650 Lumens

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Product Description:
If you're looking for a emergency solution for your building's lighting system, please consider our Beghelli brand electronic ballast. Our LUCE-6 model operates compact fluorescent (2-pin) or fluorescent quad tube lamps by supplying them with emergency wattage, voltage, and frequency. It's standard steel housing is cold weather protected, making it suitable for installation in damp locations

Ballast Type: Emergency
Lamp Wattage: 18-26W
Dual voltage 120/277vAC, 60Hz cycles
Operates: One 2-pin CFL or quad tube
Lumens (at 10-feet): 825 lm
Min/Max Temp: 32° to 122°F
Optional Auto-Test circuit
Optional UL cold weather and damp location ratings
5-year full warranty

The LUCE-6 is specially made for 4-pin compact fluorescents and quad tube within a range of 40-55 watts. The battery pack can be installed in buildings during the initial construction phase or as a retrofit device later on. Ensure that your current unit already has a supplied conduit or ballast cover, otherwise, these accessories can be custom ordered.

External Specifications:
The LUCE-6 has a standard fluorescent ballast profile with an enclosed steel case. The unit is finished with a white baked-on enamel powder coating that repels corrosion. Input and output leads protrude from one end.

Electrical Specifications:
Lamp wattage: 40-55W
Dual tap 120 or 277vAC, 60 Hz
Initial illumination: Up to 650 (depending on lamp)
Battery: Maintenance-free nickel cadmium. 7-10 year lifespan
Emergency runtime: up to 90 minutes
Recharge time: 24 hours or less

Auto Test - adds a circuit to the ballast that auto-performs monthly and yearly UL diagnostics on the battery.
Damp Location - adds a sealant to the case that blocks out humidity in particularly damp indoor or outdoor locations.
Cold Weather - adds a battery warmer to the unit that allows the ballast to operate in temperatures as low as 5° F.
Ballast Covers - linear fluorescent ballast channel cover protects the AC and emergency ballast from dust and moisture.
Flex Conduit - flexible electrical conduit protects the input/output leads.

Width: 9.5"
Depth: 1.18"
Height: 1.15"
Weight:  5 lbs

Exceeds UL924 code for Emergency Lighting & Power Equipment
NEC Installation standards
Meets NFPA: 101 Life Safety Code, excerpt 5-9.3 periodic testing standards
National Fire Code
National Building Code