Advance ICN-2S110-N Centium Fluorescent Ballast - for 2xF96T12

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Product Description:
The Advance ICN-2S110-N electronic ballast operates one or two (1/2) F96T12/HO lamps at 120-277v. This ballast is great for areas that require normal lighting! Rapid start ballast is typically used in offices, board rooms, and retail. Also operates F48T12/HO, F60T12/HO, F72T12/HO and other Fluorescent lamps.

Type: Electronic Fluorescent
Start Method: Rapid Start
Lamps: one or two F96T12/HO
Input Voltage: Multi Volts 120-277V

Minimum Temperature: 20ºF - 29ºC
Sound Rated Class A
95% power factor
5 years warranty

Length: 9.50"
Height: 1.18"
Width: 1.7"
Mounting Height: 8.90"

UL & CSA Listed
Class P, Outdoor Type 1
FCC Part 18 Class A Non Consumer
ANSI C62.41