Emergency Ballast - 750 Lumen - For Double/Quad/Triple 2 Pin CFL Lamps

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This emergency ballast has been developed for use in all types of facilities. This emergency ballast is extremely affordable and UL listed. With proper application this emergency ballast is a cost effective solution for office, retail and residential lighting backups. A durable steel housing protects the battery, charger and electronic circuit.

This ballast provides emergency lighting possibilities to any new or old fluorescent fixture. It also consists of a nickel cadmium battery with the charger and circuit. A fully protective steel housing covers the unit and comes with all components of the ballast. This particular emergency ballast is available at 650 lumens. Providing backup power to 1 lamp at 10-42w 4 pin rapid start CF. These units are available for cold temperatures, damp location and indoor installations. Please contact Emergency Lights Co.

  • Nickel Cadmium Battery
  • Protective Steel Housing
  • 650 Lumens
  • Damn Location, Cold Temperature and Indoor installation approved
  • For Existing or New Fluorescent Fixtures

This emergency ballast is designed to provide the highest quality of emergency lighting and illumination to florescent fixtures. If you have florescent fixtures where lighting should be on at all times, or even if you would like to have backup illumination from you fixtures in-case of power outages, this ballst is for you. However you must make sure that your current fluorescent fixture meets the requirements of the ballast.

This ballast comes with a very durable steel housing. The steel housing allows the components of the of the emergency ballast to be fully protected. That includes a nickel cadmium batter, a charger and an electronic circuit.

This ballast comes with a battery, charger and electronic circuit in-case of emergency. All of these components are necessary for the emergency ballast to be UL listed. We only provide the highest quality products at Emergency Lights Co.

Lamp Compatibility
The lamp compatibility for this particular ballast model is available at 650 lumens. Providing backup power to 1 lamp at 10-42w 4 pin rapid start CF.

Fluorescent emergency backup ballasts provide a minimum 90-minutes of emergency power to the type of lamp it is designed to provide power for. This emergency backup ballast will provide 3-5 years of reliable emergency power. The recharge time for the battery is 24 hours and the max working temperature for the battery is 122º F.

The durability of this ballast is one of the best around. It is suitable for new builds or retrofit installation. With a Steel housing, it is protective against many elements.

The appeal of this emergency ballast is in its ability to be such a small unit but so powerful at the same time. With its protective housing and components tucked neatly inside, visually the presents of the ballast is unknown.

This ballast is suitable for indoor, cold temperature and damp locations. It is also suitable for new build and retrofit installations.